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Nutritional Therapy

Umpqua Fresh is compiled and maintained by two local Nutritional Therapist Practitioners (NTPs). NTPs use real, whole food and targeted high-quality supplements when indicated to help the body to heal itself. We use sophisticated software and hands-on assessments to find the root cause of health issues and bring the body into balance without resorting to pharmaceutical medication.

Each of us can see clients online as well as in our downtown Roseburg office (next to Whitestone Vitamin Center).

Jennifer Furbush, NTP

Love Yourself Nutritional Therapy

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Specializing in naturally balancing hormones, blood sugar, mood, energy level, joint and skin issues and sex drive

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Beth Schultz, NTP

Real Food Inspired Me

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Specializing in naturally healing autoimmune disease including multiple sclerosis, as well as Lyme disease and other conditions

bethschultzntp [at]


Weston A. Price Foundation

Jennifer Furbush, NTP, is the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) Chapter Leader for Douglas County. As such she maintains a list of providers of grass-fed meat, raw dairy and healthy produce. You can read more about the Weston A. Price Foundation here. To learn more about the benefits of raw milk, pending legislation and the laws regarding raw dairy in your area, click here. To download a PDF of local food resources, click here.

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