Trace Hollow Grass-fed Beef

(541) 733-3949

We are offering wholes, halves and quarters priced at $4.00 per pound hanging weight, which includes cutting and wrapping. Also available are New Yorks, Rib Eyes, Chuck steaks, and ground beef. Low cost delivery available.

Helios Farm


Our Farm Shares offer our community of owners access to nourishing, healthy food with a selection of beef, pork, milk and eggs. We raise all of our livestock on pasture at our farm and never treat our land or livestock with any chemicals, hormones, synthetic ingredients or antibiotics. Our beef is rotationally raised on lush, un-sprayed pasture from start to finish and are never fed any grain. We raise pastured heritage Berkshire hogs that spend their lives foraging on shady pasture and being fed GMO-free, soy free grains mixed with clabbered raw milk.


Camas Mountain Farm

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(541) 817-6865

We raise hogs and a few veggies on our small farm. Mainly selling piglets to other small farms in the area (from the Dalles to Point Orford).


Circle Star Ranch

(541) 679-0952

Circle Star Ranch is dedicated to raising the finest all-natural and sustainable food products. We specialize in GMO-free foods. They include pasture raised pork, grass-fed/grass-finished beef, buffalo, lamb, chicken and eggs. Our 200+ acre ranch is nestled in a secluded valley just south of Roseburg, Oregon. Animal Welfare Approved.


B&K Natural Farm

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(541) 459-0830


Pachamama Farm


Heritage hogs, sheep, lamb, goat, chicken and turkets. Organic practices, pasture raised and non-GMO feed. Contact Michael Antoci for more information.


Baimbridge Ranch

Grass-feed beef, raw milk and pastured eggs. Contact Lindsey Baimbridge for more information.


Fox Hill Farm

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(541) 771-4244

Fox Hill Farm is a family farm in the foothills of the Cascades. We raise 100% grass-fed beef and sell direct to customers through half and whole orders.


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